Simply music

A simple hairbrush as a microphone substitute, a portable cassette player and the charm of a 6 year-old stand at the beginning of the music career of Gee Blaire. 

In the northen part of Switzerland her first innocent compositions originate at the piano of her grandfather. Gee Blaire’s fascination for vintage things and a more simple time leads her to local flea markets and their record stands, where she discovers her love of vinyl and improvised music. 

After receiving the newcomer award in 1996 and the successful cooperation with the soul and funk band The Fonxionaires Gee Blaire begins to recognize she may have a calling.

The lessons of jazz legends like Sandy Patton and Andy Scherrer help to mold Gee Blaire’s warm and incredibly natural sound. Her graduation from the University of Arts with a degree in jazz voice lends to her musical curriculum vitae a certificated professional label. Afterwards collaborations follow among others with Freda Goodlett, Simon Gerber, Jonas Tauber and Anton and the Headcleaners and more.

The musician’s uninhibited desire and wander lust leads her abroad to gather further experiences, impressions, and education. The Complete Vocal Technique Institute from Denmark and the Musicians institutes in Los Angeles, CA are two examples of where her travels have led her. 

Her explorations haven’t been strictly geographical. These cumulative experiences have resulted in a wide range of genre straddling work in the form of her as the front singer of the HipHop Funk Band Neighborship, the rock pop cover band Flashgarden and member of the a-capella jazz formation The Sparklettes.

Growing up surrounded by music Gee Blaire herself procures her knowledge today with a lot of passion among others at the Music School Aaretal in Münsingen and as a vocal coach of the midwife's choir The Midwife Crisis in Bern. A past student herself in Bern, she works now for the University of Arts in the course of studies pop & rock.

She composes, arranges and acts as a studio and live performing musician. Her calling has become her occupation and her musical playtime an everyday component of her life. 

Today the hairbrush is just used for brushing, but instead the cassette player fills the musical role without sacrifyzing Gee Blaire’s charm. Her grounded but wide eyed love for music is prensent threw out her debut solo EP “Keep It Simple”. It is published tentatively at the end of this year under Gee Blair's own label GB records.

On it pop and jazz form an alliance with a breath of soulish TripHop to create a unique hearing experience. Listeners will find themselves immersed in a musician’s world marked by authenticity, empathy and simplicity that can ingage and stand alone as a musical statement: simply music!